Rolls-Royce’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy depicted in original Arabic artwork


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has always been driven by the philosophy of its co-founder, Sir Henry Royce, who said: ‘Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it’. This ethos has been exemplified in the luxury marque’s constant pursuit of creating the best motor cars in the world for over a century. This very philosophy was at the core of creating a place filled with inspiration, the world’s first experiential showroom - The Rolls-Royce Boutique.

The Boutique hosts the exclusive Bespoke Atelier, which has taken cues from the worlds of fine art, design and high fashion, and is filled with thought-provoking textures, themes and colours, giving customers the opportunity to explore the possibilities that cutting-edge, Bespoke design allows. Combining these elements together, the centre piece of the Atelier is a stunning piece of original art from Dubai-based Syrian artist Khaled Al Saaei, which artistically depicts the marque’s famed Spirit of Ecstasy.


Portraying Rolls-Royce’s famed flying lady was a new challenge for Khaled, pushing him to explore new facets of his artistic capabilities to realise the impressive piece, which was inspired by the company founder’s famous words. It is these very words transformed into Arabic calligraphy that come to shape the Spirit of Ecstasy in the piece, and appear throughout.


The idea for this unique artwork stemmed from a conversation with Rolls-Royce AGMC’s General Manager, Mamdouh Khairallah. Feeling that the Atelier needed an element that would merge Middle Eastern craftsmanship with the marque’s longstanding British history, Mr. Khairallah commissioned Khaled to create his own interpretation of the Spirit of Ecstasy.


Over the next few days Al Saaei explored the best ways to visually depict the flying lady through his art while incorporating Sir Henry Royce’s quote. Upon settling on his artistic vision, it took the artist nineteen days to complete the piece in its entirety.


Working primarily with acrylic paint paired with oils, and using a unique layering and overlapping technique, Khaled was able to achieve the deepest hues of colour while creating visible textures.


This striking original artwork adorns the wall of the Bespoke Atelier, providing a sensational focal point for customers to further inspire them whilst creating their own unique Rolls-Royce motor car at the Rolls-Royce Boutique in City Walk, Dubai.