Dubai, XXth May: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai hosted the British artist and designer Helen Amy Murray to showcase unique artworks to be displayed within the Gallery of Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII.

The specially created art pieces were unveiled to an audience of invited guests, VIPs and distinguished Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai customers at a traditional Ramadan suhoor evening held at the Rolls-Royce Boutique in City Walk.

A Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom motor car, complete with the stunning ‘Lakeshore Aurora’ artwork installed in its Gallery, was displayed to guests, giving them the opportunity to explore both the car and the limitless possibilities for artistic expression the Gallery feature presents.

The unique Bespoke Phantom model was stylishly presented in Rolls-Royce’s striking ‘Belladonna Purple’ with contrasting ‘English White’ exterior colour scheme. The interior of the motor car combined ‘Purple Silk’ with ‘Artic White’ for a dramatic, compelling and eye-catching vision of Bespoke design.

The Bespoke Phantom was also equipped with Rolls-Royce’s wonderfully secluded Privacy Suite, a unique and supremely luxurious feature that combines exceptional rear seat comfort with the ultimate indulgence of an entirely isolated personal cabin.

British artist Helen Amy Murray unveiled two of her newest art concepts that were made to one day be displayed within the Gallery of a Phantom.

The two artworks were individually inspired by the stunning form and grace of a peacock and by the majestic, rolling sand dunes that dominate the natural landscapes of the Middle East.

During the Gallery event, Helen explained her vision for the peacock and sand dune-inspired Gallery pieces and how they were conceptualised and created to merge with the unique dashboard feature inside a Phantom motor car.

By inviting artists to produce work that aligns with one of Rolls-Royce’s finest models, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars perfectly demonstrated to guests at The Gallery event the seamless links that exist between the worlds of fine art and the marque’s production of the world’s finest automobiles.

The evening also showcased how Roll-Royce’s team of Bespoke designers are able to translate the imagination and creativity of clients into a physical reality by merging the motor car’s Gallery with amazing artworks of their choice.

César Habib, Rolls-Royce Motor Car’s Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa, said: “The Gallery event was a wonderful opportunity that allowed us to not only showcase the incredible and unique concept behind the Gallery in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, but also the talent of Helen Amy Murray and Michael Bryden our lead Bespoke designer.

“The Gallery in a Rolls-Royce Phantom is the ultimate space in which to curate and display unique works of art. The Gallery highlights the shared goals and bonds that exist between the world of art and Rolls-Royce as well as appealing to our clients’ appreciation of fine craftsmanship and incredible talent.”

Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars AGMC, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome so many of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai’s valued customers, VIP guests and members of the media to our wonderful Ramadan suhoor.

“The traditional event was the perfect showcase to present the amazing artistic possibilities that are available to Phantom owners thanks to the unique and innovative Gallery feature as well as the Phantom’s extensive range of luxury options such as the Privacy Suite.

“The artworks on show, all of which were inspired by the Phantom’s Gallery, were an example of the countless ways in which owners can customize their Rolls-Royce motor car to embody their love of fine art, while the Bespoke model Phantom on show revealed the limitless ways in which Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke craftsmen can deliver the ultimate levels of personalization.”